Thursday, October 2, 2014

Camino calculations!

When you are walking the Camino mileage or kilometers matter. Whether you count them or not, like calories, your body will do it any way. 

Yesterday was from Baamonde to Miraz. Today was from Miraz to Sobrado dos Monxes. As originally posted this was supposed to be one etap (section) of 41km. In other words a marathon. Nope. 

Fortunately the blessed Confraternity of Saint James stepped in with Miraz, at about 15km in.  It's an especially nice alburgue with one of the best kitchen facilities we've seen along the way!!

 Even more spectacular was the centrifuge!! It rather like having just the spin cycle on the washer. So after hand washing you get to spin your clothes to the point of being nearly done. 
An hour in the sun and you have cleN dry laundry!  When you have only two sets of clothes this is a real treat. 

After a great breakfast with Sadie and Priscilla out hospitilleras, we were off for what is still our longest day. 25.5 km. over hill over dale. And over the highest point on this Camino. We did it. Almost wo lunch!!

Fortunately we found a lake 2km before our mine start refuge and sat for 2/2 an hour and gobbled up the remains of our food. Em salads Russ, potato chips, chorizo, queso chocalate and water! A veritable feast along the Camino. 


Dinner last night was the best omelette ever. Dominique made it for us with peas and carrots the likes of which I've never eaten. Followed with a tomato salad we were well prepared ( or so we thought) for walking to Azura. 

Sobrado dos Monches deserves an entire entry of its own.  We were privileged to attend vespers with the monks. Damian and I were the only ones from our group to go back for Completo. It was like having the monks sing us a lullaby.  Beautiful and amazing. If you ever ever have the opportunity...go. 

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