Friday, October 3, 2014

O Burgo or not quite there yet.

We're spending the night just on the edge of O Pedrouzo. The original plan was the municipal alburgue. 

Then at our first coffee break, who do we meet but Marcy from our Philadelphia Camino group! 30 seconds more and we would have missed each other. Thanks to her walking companion Klaus, we also ended up with reservations at a private alburgue! So tonight we celebrate.

The electrical difficulties of this Camino are preventing me from putting in pics now. No charger for my camera! Full up on pics on my iPhone. Now I'm using Rays!! Even trying to use Klauses charger didn't quite work. Sigh. But again, if these are the biggest problems, I am one lucky person. 

So tomorrow we walk into santiago. German, French, Danish and American. We have wine to share when we reach the praza de obradorio.  Now we need to pray that the rain holds off. We who are all tanned and healthy looking. Again we have walked for weeks, mostly in sunshine. So we cannot complain. Bon nuit. Schlaff gut. Sleep tight and don't let the bed bugs bite! Really!!

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